Sunday, July 19, 2020

Brown Sugar Peach Cake, Fireflies and.....

Good Trouble. 

I baked the Brown Sugar Peach Cake today.  Yes, it was nearly 90 degrees and and very humid and still I fired up the oven and forged ahead.  An easy recipe with the best brown sugar butter frosting you can imagine..... just the right amount of sweetness.  Just like the Girl I baked if for.  
A bit of a belated Happy Birthday to You Cake for our Jen.  
The best part was getting to sit around our little table and share it together.  
Happy to share the recipe if you'd like.  Leave me your request and email in the comments and I'll send it along to you.  If you like peaches, brown sugar and butter...... just sayin'

Oh my the Fireflies..... 
we had the very best show from them last night, and you know I have a song for them....
Fireflies, Fireflies, glimmer glimmer.  Fireflies, Fireflies, glow....
Light up the night with your pretty glow, give us a the very best show!
I only wish I had a photo to share with you.... of the Fireflies and also of Ivy and how mesmerized she is with the show.  She is like a bobble head watching them but she doesn't move a pinch otherwise!
Lola, she just watches the two of us and wonders what the fuss is about.
God gives us such simple things in life to make us smile, lighten our hearts and even if for just a little bit, a chance to throw our worry and troubles aside.  

Good Trouble....
When I was much younger a special person in my life use to say, 
"if you're gonna make trouble, be sure and make it good trouble"
I remember the first time hearing it that I had to ponder the meaning and I'm really 
not sure if I ever grasped the real meaning of those words for some time, but when I did, I couldn't believe I didn't know right away what was meant.
Good trouble.  Stand up for what's right, even if it's not popular.  Be good to that person that everyone else might be shunning.  If you're going to rob someones pumpkin patch, be sure to leave the pumpkins on the porch of someone who has none.  When the world is dark and full of controversy, hate and sorrow, keep a light in your heart and stand up for what is right.  
Fond memories revisited at the news of the loss of a Good Man.
Rest in Peace, John Lewis.  Make some good trouble way up in the sky.

Stay safe, stay well.....


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