Friday, May 22, 2020

Nine years ago, today......

and this is one of the things I look back on.  
After the devastating fire that stole Saltbox Farm from us, and many others who loved it,
this picture found hanging in place, on an inside wall where all else was destroyed.
The frame heavily charred, the glass broken but the quote on paper, fully intact.  
I remember so well, walking in among the ruins, seeing this, looking around me,
and breaking down into tears.
I remember that for many weeks I felt that I had lost my purpose.  I had lived and breathed 
Saltbox Farm for twelve years.  We had met so many people, made so many friends and I was doing something I loved, something I felt made many others happy as well.
We muddled through the days and then years, trying to bring it back.  Our hearts just weren't in it.
Our building was gone, and it wasn't just a building....there was a story behind it.  A beginning that a new building would never have.  So we made the decision to move past it all, and now, here we are nine years later and we realize that the important things really haven't changed
We have the wonderful memories of all the happenings at SBF, we are still able to dabble in buying and selling antiques and most importantly, we still have so, so many of the wonderful friends that we met in our days at the Farm.  Some of them are like family and many we are in touch with often.  We did lose that special building and it's contents but we didn't lose what's most important.....
the love and friendships that were built because of it.

I have been absent here as of late, since March actually.....our world here and across our country was turned upside-down with the Coronavirus Pandemic.  I haven't felt like writing, and then this morning
as I looked back at our memory of this day and read the words in this charred photo, I decided that I need to write.  Write to tell you of the happy and good things going on.  Of life day to day and also of our everyday strifes.  Not doom and gloom.  Most definitely not politics.  
I need a purpose, just like I did nine years ago and I found it then by having faith that everything would work out and things would be good again.
I will be striving to write a time or two a week.  You can read or not.  I will be stepping away from the pages of FB posting.  It really isn't a good place to be in my eyes, especially now.
I hope you will follow along here, and if not I'm sure I will pop in now and then to social media.
For now, remember when it looks like the bad surrounding us will never end.....
think of my charred photo and the words written.
Keep your faith, tuck your worries away.  Good will come of this.

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