Friday, October 12, 2018

Although it would appear that I can party like an absolute Rock Star......

it's become apparent that I can't recover like one!

To say the least it's been a busy couple months for me....two weeks north, the packing and unpacking, repacking and unpacking...14 days worth of laundry.  The Labor Day holiday, followed by, or I might say the continued preparation for the "Home and Harvest". *  More packing, flying and keeping up with the youngun's at Disney World **,  more flying, unpacking and laundry.  Prep for an Oxford Punch class of 10, lots of prep, hours.  Kitting up  "Sophie'sSong" and "PumpkinCrazy" and starting new projects for the rest of the year.

I did it.  Made it through.  The Cabin, "Home and Harvest", Disney and all that followed and enjoyed every second of it.....and then it hit.  I'm not real sure yet what "it" is but let's just say it grabbed me by the seat of the pants and whipped me around until I feel about as energized as a wet dishrag and probably look much like one.  Before you lecture, I got my flu shot.  Early September.  I'm glad I did or Cammy would most likely be reading my self written eulogy.  Seriously.
Going on almost two weeks with this and determined to beat it as those that know me well know I'm not easily sidelined.  Although I will have to admit that I felt bad enough this week to cancel my Cellar Stitchers class.  Yes cancelled.  But we will hopefully make it up next week and all will be well with most of the world.

The moral to my story....
Please get your flu shot.  If what took hold of me is any indication of what could be in store for all this flu season, please, get one if you are in the at risk category.  Please.

Lots of fun things planned for here on the Lane yet this year.  Some great classes and open hooking/punching opportunities coming up along with more great things!
Follow our page on FB at YellowDog Lane for the most up to date postings and continue to follow us here as we hope to be a bit better at updating you about Life on the Lane.

From the Lane,

*Although the prep for "Home & Harvest" was a rough one, we have preparations in full swing for
"Home & Holiday"
Saturday November 17 ~ 10am-2pm
More info to follow soon!

**It's important you know, I had no problem keeping up with the kids at Disney.  I'm not sure if I was the only 63+ year old running from ride to ride at 10:45 at night to get, "just one more in"...but I was probably one of few.  I never missed a beat.
Life is short, seize the moment.....every one you can.
We made the sweetest memories 🧡


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