Sunday, May 27, 2018

Our Miracle Girl......

we got almost and extra year with our sweet Girl, and a good year.
They called it a miracle that she pulled through and that she pulled through so strong and happy even more surprising.  We were warned at the time that with each recurrence of this awful 
autoimmune disease that took hold of her, it would be much more difficult to put into remission.  
They were right.  For the past almost month we have tried.  Everything.  
I prayed all the way home last night on our midnight ride from the Yoop that God would give us another miracle for our Girl, just a tiny one.  Just to make her well enough to be able to come home to feel good enough to take her walk down the Lane and around the Farm.  Take a ride through the fields on Shotgun Rider.  

My heart breaks as I say that it wasn't meant to be.  She was a critically ill Girl and there was no modern medicine to give her those extra days or hours we so wanted with her.  
I always remember a friend telling me many years ago, when at the door of making this decision for someone you love so, you must always remember to think with your head, not with your heart.
We told ourselves that over and over and although our hearts were screaming, no, no, no....our heads told us, that what was best for her was to let her go.  It was time.
We made the heartbreaking choice to say our last goodbyes.  

We spent time with her.  Showing her the love she has always known and telling her we didn't want to say goodbye but we wanted her to be free from the suffering.  
I held her sweet, sweet face and could read in those sad brown eyes the pain she was feeling and I knew we had to let her go.  I kissed her soft snout as Pops caressed her forehead.  
She closed her eyes, nuzzled my face and let out a long last breath.  
We knew instantly that she was at peace.  
We also knew our hearts were shattered.  Peace will come for us in time.  
We will miss our Miracle Girl every day.  Every single day.

She now runs free and we choose to think she has met up with her big Sis Grace and most likely her Momma Ginger.  We also believe that we will meet them all again.  
God would not put these wonderful beings among us on earth if he had no place for them in heaven.  

Run with the wind sweet Sophie!
We loved you more.....

Sophie Lee Schwalbach
of YellowDog Lane
January, 2010 ~ May, 2018

With hurting hearts,
from The Lane....
Big Pops, Sharon
Ivy & Isabelle


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