Thursday, February 22, 2018


and no, I'm not breaking into a rendition of the Beatles song.
My story of Yesterday......

It actually started out at around 1:30 am with Miss Lively Ivy's sweet face pushed up against mine.  
She seems to feel the need to go out and explore during the night, well or at least perch herself on the Farmer's Porch and sniff the air.  Most likely she would wander but she's scared of the dark, thankfully for me.  I let her savor the air a bit and then get her back in and on her bed.....yes "her" bed, although she did beg quite heavily to be let up on ours.  
So it's 1:45 by now let's say.  I snuggle back in and of course, I can't sleep.  Tossing, turning.  Up, down.  The night was long.  At 4:20 Big Pops alarm sounds.  He hops up...well, that's stretching it a bit.  He doesn't hop, most especially in the morning.  He doesn't talk either, his first hour or so he mainly grunts his answers.  He is not a morning person.  Anyway.....he is up and the Girls get to join me on the bed, usually one on each side of me.  Snugged up.  I am kind of like the sausage in the bun.  
I fall asleep, hard.  When I wake I realize I need to get going as I have the Cellar Stitchers arriving.
I jump out of bed, I do jump.  Take the Girls out and get them breakfast.  I grab a cup of coffee and take it to the bedroom with me to savor a bit while I get ready.  In my haste at getting out of bed I failed to grab my glasses.  Can't see much of anything without them.  I attempt to sit my full cup of hot coffee on the night stand, I miss it completely and the floor is flooded with coffee as are my slippers and pajama pants.  I grab a bath towel to sop up my mess and then go to check on the Girls.  Kick my slippers off and slip on my ankle Mucks and out the door I go.  They come running.
I turn the door knob.  Locked.  No problem, I have a key right here.  Well, I usually have a key right here, someone used it and didn't put it back.  I try all the doors, but of course they're locked.  I lock them.  My only option at this point is to attempt a crawl through the pet door, which thankfully is open for the Girls to exit after breakfast.  I've done this several times in the past, mostly at the old house but once here.  I wasn't almost 63 when I did it the last time.  It gets harder.  You need to go arms over your head first and then wiggle through.  I do manage to master it and we're in.
This is when I notice that laying on the counter is the deposit that I thought Pops had made on Saturday, that needed to be made on Saturday.  It wasn't.  I rush to slap some makeup on, get dressed and run a brush through my hair.  Figure if I'm out the door in less than 10 I can be at the drive through and back home before 9 to ready the Studio for the Stitchers.  
I get to the bank at 8:45, drive up to the window.  Amy and Shelby turn and look at me....and I will have to say, sweetly smile and wave.  That's when I see the sign that say the window opens at 9am.  
It use to open at 8:30.  Now I wonder how many times I've driven up there before opening and they've always kindly tended to taking my deposit and giving the Girls a treat?  
They must think I'm nuts.  Which maybe isn't that far fetched I'm thinking.  
I get back home and it is only when I jump out of the Blazer that I realize I still have my coffee drenched pajama pants on and my Mucks.  I was perfectly dressed from the waist up.
My Lord, what if I'd been stopped for speeding?  
This all before 9am.  I was still a bit helter skelter when the Stitchers arrived but their sweetness and understanding quickly turned my day in a much better direction.  
It seems as if I might be leaving something out but for the life of me I can't remember....
that might quite well be a good thing.  

And there you have it......
Here on YellowDog Lane

Nothing but blue skies and sunshine today....
A good nights sleep and lots of stitching awaiting me.
Wishing you all a day filled with all of that and more.

From the Lane,


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