Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mums, Foreign Languages and Little Amish Boys.....

and yes, I know, most of you are thinking where in the world is she going with this one....
well, let me tell you.  

Normally I don't like to get my mums quite this early, but with the Home & Harvest event coming up and all the preparation involved, I decided I might better get them now while I still have my wits, or at least somewhat, about me.  Also fearing that the selection might be less than stellar if I waited much longer as well.  
The Girls and I piled into the truck, me driving of course, Sophie riding shotgun and Miss Ivy in the back.  Kinda like driving Miss Daisy.  She is the Princess after all.  
We pull into the Amish Mum farm and the Girls wait in the truck while I shop.  Row upon row upon row of mums, every size, most every color.  The Amish Lady greets me and inquires as to what colors I might like.  Of course I am rather specific on that.  Deep reds, some whites and the pumpkin color....absolutely no pinks.  We don't do pink and that's another story for another time.  
I tell her I need around twenty of them, her eyes light up and she head to get the cart to haul them.  Following along behind her on her return are two of the cutest little Amish fellows you can imagine.  Sweet little bowl cuts, beautiful round faces smudged with the morning dirt, barefoot and just plain precious.  They both take a shine to me.  I know, I'm old, it could've been my imagination but I don't think so.  It's been a few years since a little guy like that gazed up at me with that look but I know it when I see it.  The littlest was just taken by my toe polish, oh, and my earrings.  The older one, by about a year I'd say, was busy impressing me with his expertise at loading and unloading my mums of choice.  I'd guess he was about four and he knows his business of mums.  
Pretty soon the little guy has a firm grip on three of my fingers and we walk hand in hand, shopping the mums, while he gazed up at me in adoration.  Or maybe I'm old and imagined it.  
Mums are all chosen and the elder brother hops into the back of the truck and we load them in.  Me one handed as my second hand is being held by my new friend.  
Mom is giving instructions.  That's when she says to me, "I hope it's alright that I speak to them in German as they don't understand English yet".  I say of course it is.  Then to make small talk I tell her my Grandpa was German but I don't understand the language.  Well, maybe a word here and there.  For the most part I'm and English speaking girl from the country.  Now don't get me wrong, I do remember some French from High School, and Elsa taught me some swears in Spanish this past weekend, not to mention that I know lots of Swedish thanks to my pal Tilda....and you know, come to think of it, I even know a few words in Japanese thanks to my little brother.  Huh, guess you might say I'm bilingual....well alright, that might be a stretch but hey.  
I pay for the truck load of mums and the little guys get a few pets in on the Girls.  My hand is still firmly gripped by the little guy.  I tell them thank you for being such great helpers.  They beam from ear to ear and then the little guy puts his arms up to me and puckers up for a smooch.
Melted my heart.  I might be old but he was taken with me and it wasn't my imagination.
Isn't it funny how something so sweet and simple can make your day so much better.  

I continue to ready things for the Home & Harvest event on October 7
Will update as days go along and hope that many of you will make plans to join us for a simple
day in the country.

Mums, Foreign Languages, Little Amish Boys...
Pick up trucks, Shotgun Rider and Miss Ivy.
It's a pretty wonderful life here on the Lane.

As ever,


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