Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My gosh.....

here we are finding ourselves at the last day of January!
Where oh where do these days go?
Many of you are Michigan Girls so you know that our winter here has been somewhat of a mild one so far.....but that also makes you take in to account that it is only the last day of January.
Winter here is most likely far from over, even if the Ground Hog doesn't see his shadow in a couple days!  What the heck does he know anyway, he's in PA!

I am limping along with the new hip.....heading back to the Doc on Thursday for a X-ray.  He didn't like the report of the sort of pain I'm having after standing, walking and pretty much normal activity.
I don't like it either.  

Finished stitching this design up yesterday and will be in pattern form in a day or so and available to purchase as a PDF, paper or kit! 
Flower and background color can be of another choice if you choose the kit, just need to know before I cut and pack.

My finish will be as a pillow.....you can choose a different method to finish if you please.
I just think a nice fresh pillow for each season is a good thing to have.....makes a decorating statement to welcome the new season without a lot of effort.

Now, I am off to pick up the Girls.....they are at the Doggie Salon getting groomed and spoiled by Miss Kelli.  Sophie I'm sure will be tired....Ivy I'm thinking will be energized!
The will both be more beautiful and smelling oh so pretty though.

Watch soon for a schedule of classes for here in the Cellar Studio as well as those at
The Primitive Willow.  I am working on it.....really, I am!

Enjoy the beauty of winter....it will turn to Spring.....soon!

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